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Hey, there! This thing's basically about nerding out by myself and enjoying it immensely (and some of my art-ing too if you squint long enough).
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Day 19 + 20 of inktober: More OC drawings and a random person with…head stuff. Drawing Alice in cute clothes is always really fun.


Paper art by Morgana Wallace on Tumblr

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The Phantom of the Opera UK Tour 2012 set designs [x]

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Day 18 of inktober: I haven’t drawn a group picture in a while so here’re these silly monkeys bunched together. 


Nicolas Delort

Artist on Tumblr | on Behance 

Nicolas Delort is a freelance illustrator based in Paris, France. His monochrome pen and ink drawings show a taste for the fantastical, as evidenced by his numerous Harry Potter-themed pieces. The line quality in Delort’s  work is astounding, and we’re more than a little reminded of another French great by the name of Gustave Doré.

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Fall Out Boy,
Immortals (from "Big Hero 6”) - Single



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Day 17 of inktober: practicing hands because i suddenly forgot how they worked lately (noooooo). There’s still some awkwardness, but I think I got my memory back a bit (yaaaaay).


This campaign is great, really makes you look closer instead of just and quick stereotypical glance 

GSR Entrance Hall System

Advertising Agency: SPR Agency, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Via

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The intro music in the Dragon Age: Inquisition “тнe нero oғ тнedαѕ” trailer.

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