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Hey, there! This thing's basically about nerding out by myself and enjoying it immensely (and some of my art-ing too if you squint long enough).
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Heeey, it’s my OCs redrawn from memory (hint: my memory is terrible and I cheated in the end) and practicing different facial structures. Yaaay multitasking.

It’s like the Brady Bunch except I enjoy making their lives a horror story because I love them that much. Yep.




What would Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle” sound like as a 1920’s Broadway number?  We decided to find out.   Robyn Adele Anderson on vocals, Alex MacDonald on tap dance.

Get this cover on iTunes: http://msclvr.co/P5t47v

Do you guys know how many times I’ve listened to this today? So many times. I’ve never even heard the original.


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James Roach (orig. Rebecca Sugar)


Steven Universe - Giant Woman (chiptune cover)

(track art by merrigo)

I loved rebeccasugar's song from this weeks Steven Universe so I did a cute little bossa cover!

I’ll put it up on my youtube channel later this week, with a download link!

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Still life, Karen O’Neil

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A comic about… artistic limitations.



by マクロスMACROSS 82-99

hey, heyyyyyy this is cool

Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Tony Zhou : “Four years after his passing, we still haven’t quite caught up to Satoshi Kon, one of the great visionaries of modern film. In just four features and one TV series, he developed a unique style of editing that distorted and warped space and time. Join me in honoring the greatest Japanese animator not named Miyazaki.”

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Don’t cry don’t cry DON’T CRY DON’T CRY DON’T—


Yeah no but seriously. Read it.

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Incheon Master Hand

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is honored to present ICHEON: Reviving the Korean Ceramics tradition, an unprecedented exhibition organized by Icheon, South Korea.